Developing Your Go-To-Market-Strategy - For Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs

How to think about your new business go to market strategy?

In my accelerators mentoring sessions, I try to bring all the knowledge I have built in the last 10 years into a 30min presentation, aiming to inspire entrepreneurs and startups founders and give them hints and tips on how to think and develop their go to market strategy as an essential part of successfully launching and growing their business idea.

These slides are by no mean a go-to-market strategy template but rather an elaboration on the different aspects of what constructs the process of building the sales and marketing activities of a new business.

The slides touch the following topics:

  • Things that you can control for your idea to be successful
  • Re-thinking your new business KPIs 
  • Analysing the market objectively
  • Identifying target customers
  • Defining the "Minimum Viable Sales Process"
  • Widening the marketing activities
  • Tracking and optimisation


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