Validating Your New Business Idea & Growth Potential - My Mentoring Session Slides - For Founders & Entrepreneurs

My experience and take on validating a new B2B startup idea.

I have prepared these slides back in 2016 for my regular mentoring sessions at the Founder Institute, the largest pre-seed startup accelerator in the world. Part of the content has been updated several times since then.

  • Understand what would make an idea successful. 
  • Understand yourself and capabilities. 
  • Pick the right team to help you execute.
  • Think about your business KPIs. 
  • Understand your competitors performance on these KPIs. 
  • Prepare the right set of questions that you would need input on. 
  • Talk to your potential customers in person and ask them questions that are RELATED to your KPIs.
  • Modify & repeat. 
  • Start growing sales with tools and partnerships. 
  • Keep pushing. 

Have questions or need advice on your startup? Get in touch with me to plan a call or meeting if you are in Berlin!


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