what's next after graduation, Job Fairs and getting hired! how to make an impact ?

Once you graduate from University there is a lot to be thinking about, but most importantly you want to be able to get a job to earn a living! It's vital that you start yourself off on the right foot, get a great first job to kick off an excellent and successful career.

Job fairs (career fairs) are great ways to get started with that. Usually hosted by your University throughout the year,or maybe by national organizations or companies, they bring together a large range of employers looking for graduate talent in a single place. Even if you aren't in your final year, it is a great idea to check out those career fairs and see if you can get an idea for where you might like to work or what kind of job you would like to aim for.

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of career fairs:
  • Try and talk to representatives of a wide range of companies - just because they don't necessarily work in your sector primarily doesn't mean they can't make use of your services and that you won't find a job you love there
  • Keep track of who you talk to, and what you talk to them about, and key points from your conversation - once you have talked to hundreds of companies over your time at University I can guarantee you will have forgotten some of them!
  • Check out the Microsoft S2B (Students To Business) portal - they aim is to help you get the most out of your career and connect you with people who have jobs on offer.
  • Take business cards! (Moo do great value, high quality cards that ship worldwide). They will help you stand out to companies and easily let you give companies your contact details.
  • It may also be worth taking some printed CVs along for companies you are particularly interested in. If you run out, point them to a web address where they can download it if they wish.