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The Roadshow

The ArabNet team will hit the road for 3 weeks in December with the mission of finding and connecting with the region’s budding entrepreneurs and building a sense of community. Traveling in an ArabNet bus, the Road Show will span 7 countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and Egypt. In each city, the ArabNet team will hold a workshop, in partnership with local institutions, aimed at helping entrepreneurs speed up their startups.

The Workshop Format

The format of the workshop will follow the successful model we adopted in Beirut and will include:
A Brief Talk: Building A Business Case
A discussion that will focus on turning your idea into a business case by understanding the value proposition, target market, industry landscape, revenue stream and cost structure.
A Panel Discussion: Practical Perspectives on Starting a Company
1. Legal Perspective:
What are my legal options for starting a business in Lebanon?
2. Financial Perspective:
How do I go about raising money, and what are investors looking for?
3. Growth Perspective (Experienced Entrepreneur):
How do I grow my business, retain top employees, and build a strong corporate culture?
4. Business Leader Perspective:
What is hot in the web sector? What should I focus my startup on?
A Roundtable Breakout Session: Personalized Advice and Connections
Speakers and local mentors will be split on different round tables where entrepreneurs can have informal discussions with the experts and ask them their specific questions.

In Damascus :
Speakers are really interesting , 
1- Mr AbdulSalam Haykal
Transtek CEO, great Syrian enterpreneur 
2- Tareq Sadi
Managing Partner at Middle East Venture Partners (Lebanon)
3- Fadi Mujahid
Register for Damascus workshop at :
the workshop will start on 5th december from 6 to 9 PM at Arab Cultre Center , Kafarsouseh


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