Conference Calls etiquette

Most of us participate in conference from time to time. it doesn't need to be only business , sometimes you do a conference calls with persons that you want to establish good relations with and reflect a nice impression. the problem that it might become such a routine that we may forget that how we conduct ourselves, says a lot about our dedication and attention to the work at hand.  Here are some simple reminders to keep in mind for your next phone meeting:

Be Punctual:  No one likes to sit on hold waiting for tardy attendees to show up so the meeting can begin.  Be considerate of other participants by marking each call on your calendar and dialing in a few minutes before start time in case your connection is delayed.  Once you are connected, announce yourself so the host can note your attendance.

Review the Agenda:  Hopefully, your host will prepare the group for the call by providing context and sending out supporting documents in advance.  Do your part by looking over the materials and jotting down notes on the items about which you will be expected to contribute.

Prevent Background Noise:  If you are in a noisy location, mute your phone when you are not speaking so that your colleagues’ voices aren’t drowned out.  Should another call come in, be careful of putting the call on hold as you could subject the whole conference to irritating elevator music.

Pay Attention:  This is tough on long calls, especially those that may take place outside your normal business hours. But resist the urge to surf the Internet or type on your smartphone while your colleagues are talking.  Listen well and speak up at appropriate intervals so that your colleagues know you are actively engaged in the discussion.